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We have the right promotional item for every event or campaign:
Attract new customers • Inspire customer loyalty • Improve client relations • Reactivate old accounts
• Build an image • Announce sales • Encourage innovation • Create reputation
• Celebrate anniversaries • Express appreciation • Get attention • Motivate sales staff • and more!!!

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Promotional products are an excellent way to reach out to customers while also serving as a way to strengthen a company’s brand. Offering these types of products have proven to translate into a host of advantages for businesses. IMPACT Plus provides individualized promotional products that cater to each specific business. Some of the most popular promotional products include the following:

      Coffee Mugs
      Polo Shirts

Campaign Tools

Businesses embarking on specific campaigns often turn to the use of promotional products to help spread the word. An appealing clothing product will get a significant amount of wear, which presents opportunities for people to talk about the business on these forms of attire. Designing a promotional product could also be done in direct conjunction with a certain campaign. It is a way to strengthen that message and also appeal to a larger, broader audience.


IMPACT Plus offers a wide array of choices for your promotional products. Different colors, materials and designs are all laid out for our customers in great abundance. Our staff will also assist in the mixing and matching of designs, so that you get only the most appealing products. There is more to giveaways than the fact that the products are free. It is important for companies to give away products that people will actually use and enjoy. IMPACT Plus can make that happen with quality promotional items that have a long life of use.


Companies experience a vast amount of benefits through the use of promotional products. They are essentially a dynamic and personalized advertisement. People are inclined to wear a new article of clothing because it is new and not always because of the logo. A comfortable piece of clothing, favorite coffee mug or daily planner are likely to get continual usage, which means more and more free advertising. To ensure that your brand awareness stays intact, IMPACT Plus provides quality promotional products that can withstand the test of time.