Pantone Color Chart Impact Plus Uniforms Charlotte NC

View Pantone (PMS) Color Chart

There are more than a thousand different colors to choose from when designing your work apparel with IMPACT Plus. Our design team offers a wide assortment of colors, which includes different shades and combinations. The Pantone Color Chart serves as the model for all the colors available to our customers.

How it works

The Pantone Color Chart is a reference guide. Once a color is chosen, it is then used in printing and processing. It is important to note that the actual printing may differ slightly from what is seen on your computer screen. Customers have the option of approving their color choices before an order is finalized.

The Pantone Colors are also formatted to work in various types of computer programs, which makes generating examples much easier. At IMPACT Plus, it is important that our customers get exactly what they desire. That is why there is such a large assortment of colors to go along with a detailed process that is finalized with customer approval.

The Benefits

The Pantone Color Chart is used widely in many types of interior design as well as in many home furnishings. It is a reputable way of selecting the best color for your business. To maintain its wide selection, Pantone continues to introduce new color combinations. IMPACT Plus customers have access to all of those latest color innovations, trends and styles.

Certain shades of a specific color may not work for some companies and that is why there are extensive choices when it comes to each color. The high number of options offered by the Pantone Color Chart is one more advantage that comes when you choose IMPACT Plus.