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Multi-Functional, Safe and Comfortable Attire For Every Industry

Work uniforms serve many functions as it is important for companies and employees to find the right combination of comfort and safety. Industrial uniforms are meant to be tough as some jobs require a good amount of daily activity. Workers in all types of industries can be afforded comfort, functionality and safety with the right industrial uniform options available from IMPACT Plus.

There are several features that go into making up a quality industrial uniform. IMPACT Plus provides all of those features which include the following:

  • Branded Collars
  • Non-Roll Waistbands
  • Extra Wide Belt Loops
  • Roomy Cuts
  • Woven Cuffs

There are other features which help to create a quality industrial uniform, such as wrinkle-free shirts and pants. Jackets, sweatshirts and other types of industrial wear are also available. There is even the option of choosing materials that are stain or fire resistant, so that they may stand up to the wear and tear of an employee’s daily work regimen.


Each industry uniform can be personalized according to each specific company. Brand logos can be included as the design team at IMPACT Plus provides assistance in this area. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to work wear and protective clothing. Some of the industrial jobs that can benefit from the uniforms provided by IMPACT Plus include the following:

  • Emergency response employees
  • Delivery drivers
  • Automotive workers
  • Construction workers
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Waste Management teams
  • Trade specialists

Regardless of your specific kind of industry, IMPACT Plus has a solution that is both affordable and effective. Creating a more unified look with the benefits of comfort and safety can make for a team of happier, healthier workers. Companies can also make their brand easily identifiable with apparel that helps to advertise their business. Selection is in great abundance at IMPACT Plus as we aim to match your company with the right kind of industrial apparel.