Web-Based Company Store Program

When it comes to buying work uniforms, companies can save their employees a lot of time and effort by creating their own company store. This is a one-stop shopping spot where employees can take care of all their work-related clothing needs. IMPACT Plus can set up an online store that will make life a whole lot easier for companies and their employees.

Benefits of Convenience

Over the course of a week, people are bogged down with all sorts of responsibilities outside of the workplace. Having to go track down stores to purchase work uniforms is just one more additional chore. Precious time can be saved through the use of a company store as employees can shop online at their leisure. There is no need to travel to stores and make sure they have the right size.

Everything is laid out for employees on their PC, tablet or mobile device. Shopping can be done from virtually anywhere. IMPACT Plus has the capability to set up a company store for all types of businesses, including the following:

  • Corporate businesses
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Maintenance teams
  • Emergency Response Teams

Multiple Options

Companies have the option of adding new styles, designs and apparel at any time. Company Stores can continue to add new inventory while also discontinuing older forms of attire. Inventory can always be updated, making this option a real working solution for companies and their employees. Fresh new designs can also make it fun for employees to pick out their work clothes. The team at IMPACT Plus will run down the great many options available to businesses.

CHS Company Store